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Annual interest compounded
daily, Paragraph
monthly, Paragraph
yearly, Paragraph
horizontal, Paragraph
average rate of change, Paragraph, Subsection
coefficient, Paragraph
coefficients, Paragraph
combination of functions, Paragraph
composite function, Paragraph
compounding, Subsection
concave down function, Paragraph
concave up function, Paragraph
concavity, Paragraph, Paragraph
continuous compounding, Paragraph
decimal equivalent, Paragraph
decreasing function, Paragraph
dependent variable, Paragraph
discrete, Paragraph
domain, Paragraph
doubling-time, Subsection
end-behavior, Paragraph, Paragraph, Paragraph
evaluate, Paragraph, Paragraph
even function, Paragraphs
function, Paragraph, Paragraph
combination, Paragraph
combinations, Paragraph
composite, Paragraph
composition, Paragraph, Paragraph
concave down, Paragraph
concave up, Paragraph
decreasing, Paragraph
end-behavior, Paragraph, Paragraph
evaluation, Paragraph
increasing, Paragraph
inverse, Paragraph
invertible, Paragraph
negative, Paragraph
notation, Paragraph, Paragraph
one-to-one, Paragraph
polynomial, Paragraph
positive, Paragraph
power function, Paragraph
restricting the domain, Paragraph
vertical compression, Paragraph
vertical stretch, Paragraph
function composition, Paragraph, Paragraph
growth factor, Paragraph, Paragraph
half-life, Subsection
horizontal asymptote, Paragraph, Paragraph
horizontal line test, Item
horizontal translation, Paragraph
increasing function, Paragraph
independent variable, Paragraph
inequality, Paragraph
interval, Paragraph, Paragraph
inverse function, Paragraph
the graph, Paragraph
invertible function, Paragraph
equation, Paragraph
pattern, Paragraph
linear pattern
constant rate of change, Paragraph
long-run behavior, Paragraph
multiplicity, Paragraphs
even, Paragraph
multiplicity of a root, Paragraph
negative function, Paragraph
for an inverse function, Note
for functions, Paragraph, Paragraph
odd function, Paragraph
one-to-one, Paragraph
ordered pair, Paragraph
percent, Paragraph
piecewise defined function, Paragraph
point, Paragraph
polynomial, Paragraph, Paragraph
coefficients, Paragraph
constant term, Paragraph
degre, Paragraph
degree, Paragraph
leading term, Paragraph
repeated root, Paragraphs
positive function, Paragraph
range, Paragraph
rate of change
average, Subsection
repeated root, Paragraphs
root, Paragraph
multiplicity, Paragraph, Paragraphs
solution, Paragraph
table of values, Paragraph
horizontal, Paragraph
vertical, Paragraph
undefined, Paragraph
units, Paragraphs
variable, Paragraph
dependent, Paragraph
independent, Paragraph
vertical asymptote, Paragraph
vertical compression, Paragraph
vertical line test, Paragraph, Paragraph
vertical stretch, Paragraph
vertical translation, Paragraph
well defined, Paragraph